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Company Overview

Double Precision Manufacturing has been producing top quality assembled units and component parts for the high tech business community of Silicon Valley since 1985. Our business model is based upon developing strong, collaborative parternships with our customers, beginning with alpha (prototype) and beta (pre-production) generations through full scale production of assemblies and component parts.

In today's competetive manufacturing environment, we have created a specialized niche by working with purchasing agents, engineers, and planners to meet difficult product development goals. Our research and development team works with engineers to find ways to organize the assembly process and to redesign parts. This results in cost reduction as well as an increase in performance.

Bringing sophisticated products to market is both a science and an art. Balancing the design of a part with cost effectiveness requires communication between many parties, which is a skill we take pride in. We have a highly qualified administrative staff to assit with the more complicated aspects of business exchanges, and a stable core of machinists and CAD/CAM programmers that can accomodate last minute changes to WIP's for emergency implementation into the manufacturing process.

The artistry involved in creating parts from raw material is one of the most rewarding aspects of our business. Although each part that is made is designed for industrial functionality, we take the time and effort to make all of our parts so that they also meet extremely high cosmetic standards.

When high yield and productivity pressures for mission critical projects are pushing engineers, buyers, and planners to the limit, we can help. This is what fifteen years of service to and experience with the high tech industry brings our business partnerships.