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Michael Corbo, President

Michael Corbo, PresidentMichael Corbo founded this company in 1985, and is acutely aware of how industry demands dictate the needs of his customers. His ability to integrate old world craftsmanship with high-tech manufacturing processes is how Double Precision consistently delivers state of the art, novel products to its customers.

Mike's passion and commitment to being 'the best' is what constitutes a dynamic mission statement. He brings life to it every day, making it more of a modus operandi than a disconnected theoretical concept.

Core Staff Members

 Rudy Masulit  Shop Supervisor
 Bill Brisko  Electrical Engineer
 Bill Brewer  QA Supervisor, Materials Manager
 Richard Riddell  CNC Supervisor, R & D Specialist
Mary Stayner   Administration, Marketing
 Lyn Cady  Expert Machinist
 Loc Tran  CNC Lead Machinist
 John Corbo  Delivery Coordinator
 Jan Kaznowski  CAD/CAM Specialist
 Ubaldo Velasquez  Deburr Department
 Don Regan  Facility Manager
 Felix Pacheco  Mill Expert
 Randy Woods  Lathe Expert

A Special Tribute

Lynn Cady, Lead MachinistLynn Cady is our top machinist. We are proud to offer the parts made with Mr. Cady's years of expertise and naturally trust him with our most puzzling, complex jobs. Lynn credits his work ethic and ingenuity to his father, who managed President Calvin Coolidge's Vermont Estate. In fact, one of President Coolidge's last handwritten letters was addressed to his parents. He was congratulating them on the birth of their son Lynn!