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Inspection Tools

  •  Veeco MS-9 Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector
    utilizes helium standard calibration technology which enables us to perform on-site leak detection for component parts and assemblies that require vacuum technology
  • 360 x 45 Degree Renishaw Probe, repeatability to
  • Programmable Brown/Sharp validator CMM with 3-D workshop software
  • Mitutoyo Height Master
  • Fully equipped inspection room with specialized staffing plus:
    • Conforms to US Federal Government IS9001:2000 Standards
    • All tools are calibrated on a regular cycle
Our programmable validator
Our programmable validator

The inspection process

We inspect our parts continuously throughout the manufacturing process. Each part is checked a minimum of two times before being released to our customers, which is why we are called Double Precision Manufacturing.

Digital micrometers are key to inspecting our parts
Digital micrometers are key to inspecting our parts

For example, most parts are made through a series of treatments, with different machining centers that perform specific tasks to the raw material. If the parts are not inspected at key check points, small variances can not be corrected immediately, thus potentially delaying the delivery of the part. For this reason, parts are also routinely inspected both pre and post plating in order to avoid any costly delays due to potential changes in accuracy induced by the plating process.

When we assemble components, we take special precautions to progressively inspect portions throughout the assembly process. This increases the overall performance of the entire assembly unit and allows us to provide our customers with fully integrated, high performance assemblies that are more accurate than than the individual components alone. For more information about our assembly process, please consult our assembly and turnkey page.

Our inspection staff are trained professionals who have a minimum of 15+ years of direct experience behind their qualifications. They are keenly aware of the frustrations that releasing an 'out of spec' part can bring, and are proactive in ensuring that the parts we deliver have passed final inspection procedures that exceed our customer's expectations.